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The Shenda Group is a subsidiary of Orient International Holding Group.

Shanghai Shenda was established in 1986 as an end-to-end supply chain solution company and in 1992 was among the first listed company in the Shanghai stock exchange market.
Shanghai Shenda provides all services in the production cycle, including Market Intelligence, Fabric Development, Garment Design, Quality Control, Sourcing, and Logistics. Our diverse customer base consists of branded and private label customers across all retail sectors of the global markets, our supply chain extends across all of Asia and African Countries (AGOA), where we can capitalize on duty-free manufacturing.


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Business Overview
2022 Revenue:
8 Million US dollars
2022 Revenue:
508 Million US dollars
Shenda Group
Benefiting from Shanghai Shenda Co., Ltd.'s platform of 1.7 Billion USD yearly sales, our company is an import and export company as well as a leading apparel manufacuturer and exporter. Through our partnership with globally recognized customers, we achieved a sales turnover of 3.5 Billion RMB in 2022.
Global Network
Our global sourcing network allows our team to find the best COO to meet the customer’s requirement of production capacity and quality levels. Our dedicated production teams in the countries we produce provide significant advantages in production and quality management. Our qualified and committed professionals work closely with the factory at each stage of the production process to ensure the quality and best practices are in place to achieve the highest level of efficiency.

Sustainable Development
Sustainability at Shenda is not a slogan but a practiced philosophy. Shenda is one of the leading pioneers of apparel research and development. We feel we have a social responsibility to continually develop and find alternative eco-friendly options to help preserve the environment.
At Shenda, we believe sustainability is not a destination. It's a journey.
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